Emma and Stuart’s Humanist Wedding at Dalhousie Castle

I love it when owls are part of ceremonies!
I just had to remind myself that ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ was first published in July 1997, which means that a whole generation has come of age who grew up with the idea of’Owl Post’.
Dalhousie Castle is the go-to wedding venue if that’s something which appeals to you: they have a falconry centre in their grounds, and a diverse range of raptors from sparrowhawks to golden eagles, but it’s usually Bella the Barn Owl who performs the honours at weddings, as you can see in this great shot from Dan at Fern Photography.
Stuart and Emma met at work, sneaking glances over their computers. A sneaky kiss behind a Range Rover was spotted by a colleague and before they knew it, Stuart had cured Emma of her vegetarianism by secretly feeding her on Parma ham, and Emma had not so secretly moved all of her clothes, shoes, handbags and make up into Stuart’s wardrobe space…
Since then, they’ve done a lot. They’ve cycle-toured in Vietnam and watched the sun come up over Angkor Wat. They’ve cage-dived with great whites and snorkelled on the Barrier Reef, they’ve done Glastonbury, got a puppy,  driven down Route One in a Mustang convertible and seen Lionel Messi score a hat-trick for Barcelona. Getting married was obviously the next big tick on that bucket list!
Stuart’s sister Claire gave us a reading of Union by Robert Fulghum, before their mums Val and Ann performed the first part of the candle ceremony. Emma and Stuart then exchanged their vows and best man Iain took delivery of the rings…
After signing the marriage schedule, Stuart and Emma then lit the third and last of the candles to complete the ritual and I sent them all on their way for a well-earned glass of bubbly.
Thanks again for performing our ceremony.  We received our wedding video from Matt at Next Scene last week and were able to relieve it at the weekend and were reminded how perfect it was for us.  
So many guests commented on how relaxed, welcoming and entertaining it all was and we were so happy that we chose you to play this important part in our special day.
All the best, Emma and Stuart.
It was my pleasure, Stuart and Emma: thanks for the kind words and the lovely photos: I hope you continue to have many more wonderful adventures together as man and wife!

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