The Order of Ceremony: some more ideas

I’ve had a run of weddings recently with interesting Orders of Ceremony that I hope will inspire you!

Laura and Anthony decided to say a few words about Humanist ceremonies and why they’d chosen to have one.

Kate & John took more classical approach, with some lovely illustrations.

While Shona and Simon had a practical problem to solve. 

Shona is from Scotland but Simon is French, so they wanted to make sure that everyone could understand what was being said, whatever language was being spoken at the time, so they created a bilingual Order of Ceremony.

My most recent wedding was for Leon and Christianne, who are both from the Netherlands, but chose to get married here in Edinburgh because it had been an important part of their story. All their guests spoke Dutch, so they produced a simple information sheet that helped them follow the ceremony – no that they needed it, because like all Dutch people, they spoke very good English.

I was delighted when their photographer Marc Millar sent me this photo yesterday: it was taken outside my old garage, and it was lovely to see my NYC Department of Transportation sign is still working well!

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