Pam and Lee’s Humanist Wedding at Orocco Pier

It’s the tiny details that make a humanist wedding so personal and moving.

Pam told us she realised Lee was ‘The One’ shortly after they got together, when she went into the kitchen to find him picking the onions off a pizza because he knew she didn’t like them.

And Lee said that he didn’t know where he would be without Pam in his life. She is so beautiful, kind and caring, and he feels like he’s lost a limb when she’s not by his side.

Their wedding was a way to acknowledge their children, Connor and Lucy. 

As they said,’today, we are solidifying our bond as a family of four, and Mummy and Daddy are so proud of you.’ Along with these lovely photos from Orange Lemur, they sent me these very kind words.

First of all we would like to say a huge, huge thank you to you for playing such an important part in our special day.  

From the very first contact with you, you were amazing.You welcomed us into your home to start our journey and kept us right throughout it.  You had the patience of a Saint answering all my silly questions, and everything in your blog helped hugely, from all the legalities to the hints and tips…each one was appreciated and helpful.

The homework part of our ceremony was interesting as we had no idea if we were doing it right but it was such fun. It made us sit down and think seriously about what marriage meant to us but it also gave us some laughs reminiscing about the story of us over the years.  And it made our ceremony so special and personal which meant everything to us!

And to the day itself… as soon as I got to the bottom of the stairs and saw you I felt so much better Tim, it made it feel all so real… you were the man that was going to marry us and there you were but the calm you brought to me was much needed!

Every single one of our guests have commented on how great you were and how much they liked you.  One couple have asked for your details for their future wedding and I do hope they choose you and we meet again.

It was such a pleasure Tim and we thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.

Love to you from Mr and Mrs Gallacher xxx

Thank you so much, Mr and Mrs G: you’ve just reminded me why I love what I do so much, because it’s such a privilege to have helped you say everything you wanted to all the most important people in your world. XXX

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