Jade and Michael’s Humanist Wedding at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

Aged just 16 and 17 respectively, Jade and Michael first met at City Nightclub: obviously the place to be for underage party lovers! As the ‘older woman’, it was Jade who passed her driving test first and drove Michael on their first official date to see ‘The Bucket List’

They both studied hard at Aberdeen University, getting on with their studies but always making time for each other. It was there that Michael showed his love in the most important way possible when Jade’s dad Kenny tragically passed away, and in the ceremony, they said, ‘we know that Kenny would be so proud of us and everything we have achieved. He would be very happy for us both to be marrying today.’

They survived a year-long separation while Michael worked in Australia and Jade trained as a teacher, celebrating their much-desired reunion with a holiday in Bali. 

After that, life moved on quickly. They moved into their first flat, they got their doggies, Rocco and Kaspar and then Reuben, their Little Best Man, made their family complete: as Michael said, it felt like their ten years together were just leading up to that moment.

People might say they’ve taken on a lot at a young age, but Michael and Jade say they love the excitement that Reuben brings to their lives.

As you can see, we had a glorious day in the John Muir Grove, and Carley Kyle made the most of the perfect light by taking these beautiful shots. 

When she sent them over, Jade said,‘Michael and I were delighted to be able to work with you for our wedding day. We really enjoyed looking back on our years together to create our ceremony and were really excited to share our story with our family and friends. 

Because you’d conducted my dad’s funeral, to have you conduct our wedding ceremony made it feel there was a special connection for myself and Michael, and for everyone who’d known my dad and wanted to celebrate the day with us. 

Everyone’s still commenting on the ceremony, saying it was really enjoyable and they’d never been to one quite like it. Your presence created a lovely, relaxed atmosphere which was the perfect beginning to our married life.

Thank you again Tim. We had the most fantastic day and were so happy to have you be part of it.Hopefully will see you again in the future! X
I certainly hope so, Jade and Michael! Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of your life not once but twice. It was a privilege and I won’t forget it. X

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