Suzanne and Craig’s Humanist Wedding at The Macdonald Marine Hotel

The weather has been gorgeous recently, but these blue skies date from way back in April, when Craig and Suzanne tied the knot in North Berwick, famously one of the sunniest places in the whole country.

Their relationship began at a party where Craig literally swept Suzanne off her feet!

Much of their courtship was spent driving around East Lothian, listening to music and stopping for ice-creams – just like a pair of teenagers, as Suzanne said.

She was delighted that her handsome son Antonio and Craig bonded straight away, and it wasn’t long before they were joined by their beautiful daughter, Layla.

In the five years they were together before their wedding day, they had some wonderful times, not least a trip to Las Vegas, but the most important was a short journey along the road to Gullane, where on the 30th of November 2017, Craig made Suzanne the happiest girl in the world when he proposed.




Our ceremony was in the beautiful gardens of the Marine HotelAfter a short pause to remember those who couldn’t be with us, Antonio read us an old Scots blessing

Then Craig and Suzanne told each other why they’d chosen to marry. I think there were a few tears at that point, and they weren’t all Suzanne’s!



After Craig’s sister Laura gave us a reading of Love and Laughter, Antonio came back to help me with the rings.


Of course we couldn’t let Antonio hog the limelight, so I suggested that Layla conducted the hand-fasting, and she made a great job of it, as you can see!

I was very touched to get this message from Craig and Suzanne before they left for their honeymoon.

“We absolutely loved our ceremony, and everyone thought it was so personal. 


“We can’t thank you enough for the way you took the ceremony and included the kids – it was fantastic!”



That’s because you wrote it, Suzanne and Craig! 
But seriously, thanks again for asking me to conduct your wedding and I wish you and your families every happiness in the years to come. 
Please pass on my thanks to your photographer, Martin Cardoo who did an excellent job of capturing a gloriously happy day!

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