Rehearsals without a Celebrant

If you don’t have the time for a formal rehearsal, here’s a useful checklist of things to think about as you prepare for the big day.
What time is the ceremony?
What time will the groom’s party arrive beforehand?
Who’s going to help the guests find a seat?
Who’s going to distribute the Orders of Ceremony?
Who’s responsible for the entrance music?
How is the groom going to come in?
How is the bride going to come in?
How do you want to stand?
Who do you want to stand beside you?
Who’s doing the readings?
Have you printed the readings for them?
Where are they going to sit?
Do they need a microphone and a PA?
Do you want your guests to sing?
Are the words of the song in the order of ceremony?
How do you want to speak your vows and legal declarations?
If you want to speak them yourselves, have you printed them on cards?
Are you going to exchange rings?
Who’s going to give the rings to you?
Who are your witnesses?
Do you have your Marriage Schedule?
Who’s going to bring it on the day?
Who should the celebrant give it to after the ceremony?
If you want to incorporate a symbolic gesture, who’s bringing the elements?
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