Danielle and Brian’s Humanist Wedding at Carlowrie Castle

Danielle and Brian knew their wedding was going to be emotional. As they wrote in the introduction to their ceremony, “Photos, laughter and lots of tears are allowed throughout the ceremony, and as you will already have discovered, there are in fact tissues on your seats if need be.”

They came in very handy…

Brian and Danielle were ‘reversing into marriage’ as I like to call it, and they came with their beautiful children, Penelope and Oscar, who said, “Mummy and Daddy, we’re so proud, and we love you both so much!”

Brian is a boxer. Not just any boxer, he’s a 3 time WBO champion and one of the very few people who’s retained the Lonsdale Belt

Which is why I warned him when we met that he might completely lose it on the day.

I wasn’t wrong. And he wasn’t alone in that…


I’ve now married two professional boxers, as well as a few other top sportsmen, and I’ve noticed that they tend to be much more emotional than you might expect.

It’s an interesting paradox that the men who need to be as tough as nails in their professional life are the ones who are least prepared for the impact that love has on their wedding day, but I love that!


Their friend Daniel gave a great reading of ‘Rain Sometimes’, by Arthur Hamilton

then Danielle and Brian did a very brave thing: they chose to tell each other why they want to spend the rest of their lives together. 



That meant we needed to have a bit of a make-up repair session…


before Brian and Danielle spoke their vows, and Oscar gave them their rings.





Amarone Music gave us a few songs as we signed the Marriage Schedule


and Kirsty gave us our last reading: ‘Look to this Day’, a poem from the ancient Sanskrit.

I caught up with the happy couple after the ceremony, and Brian said a rather wonderful thing. ‘You’re the only man who’s ever made me cry!’

He repeated it again on Twitter, which was really lovely.

I’ll take that compliment any day, Champ!

Thanks again for choosing me to conduct your wedding, Danielle and Brian, and thanks too to Beth Alderson for these exceptional photos.

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