Claire and Ross’s Humanist Wedding at Carlowrie Castle

Weddings are often seen as a ‘girl’ thing, so this story told from the groom’s point of view is very special for lots of reasons. The words are from Ross: the atmospheric photos are by the gifted Suzanne Li


The walk down the aisle is
normally reserved for the bride and her wedding party. For me the importance of
walking my mum down the aisle arm in arm was hugely significant.
Our wedding was the first
major family event since my dad passed away back in April 2015, so it was a day
full of mixed emotions both for myself and more so, for my mum. 
However, I know my dad was celebrating with us throughout the day. Tim, our celebrant, and toasts to my dad during the evening speeches, paid tribute to a great man.
After showing my mum to her
seat, I joined my best men up front and the anticipation grew as we waited on my
wife to be making her grand entrance. Having a couple of my trusted buddies
beside me eased the nerves.
First to appear was my little
cousin Craig, looking dapper for his first time wearing a kilt. He had been in
training on the lead up to the wedding, practicing his walk down the aisle on
his own carrying both rings on a small cushion. As soon as he entered and saw
me at the other end of the aisle, all training went out the window and he ran
at full speed, delivering the rings in spectacular fashion. 
Job done little cousin!!




Next down the aisle was
Claire’s cousin and our only bridesmaid, Jenny, and she looked amazing! I could
tell from her face she was full of emotion. I was glad she was by Claire’s side
on the day, the two of them were as thick as thieves growing up.
Prior to the big day one of
the best pieces of advice I received was to take moments throughout the day and
make mental snapshots. 
As the music started playing and the doors opened, Claire
appeared with her dad at her side, this was one of my mental snapshot moments.
Not only did she look amazing in her dress, but it was also the happiest I’d
ever seen her.
I was the proudest guy in the
As she joined me up front we
both had smiles from ear to ear. All that planning, the emails, phone calls,
Skype sessions, venue visits, flights home for fittings, menu tastings,
meetings with our wedding planner, photographer, videographer, celebrant and band
had all culminated in this moment.
Tim commenced the ceremony with
a short quip about humanist weddings and immediately put the room at ease. That
set the tone, and from then on the remainder of the day flowed


The great work from everyone
involved including our photographer and videographer, combined with our own
mental snapshots of the day, ensured we now look back on our wedding fondly
with many great memories.
Thank you so much, Ross. Your words mean the world to me, and I’m just so glad you and Claire decided to ask me to conduct your wedding!
The entrance of the groom can be every bit as important as the entrance of the bride. It’s a chance for the groom to honour his relationship with his parents, and as Ross has shown, it’s one of those moments when actions speak louder than words. 
Thanks again to Claire and Ross, and of course to Suzanne Li for these lovely photographs
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