Allan and Gary’s Humanist Wedding at Carlowrie Castle

Our story starts in 2002 in Gran Canaria where Allan was working as an overseas holiday rep. Gary had had just recently secured a job – also as a rep. 

Gary arrived at Las Palmas airport looking like something out of The Matrix wearing a long black leather jacket, even though it was 30 degrees plus. They very quickly became good friends, always the last two standing on a night out and always getting into trouble too…
Ten years passed, during which they largely lost contact but thanks to their mutual friend Kelli they met again in Edinburgh. Allan invited Gary to his Christmas Party, and again it wasn’t long before they were the last two left reminiscing over a bottle of champagne. Four years later, on Allan’s birthday, Gary proposed and that was what led us to a very emotional day at the glamorous Carlowrie Castle.
You may already have heard of a bride’s mate: well, Gary and Allan coined a new term for Jane, Sarah, Lyn and Christine: Groomsmaid, and it was lovely to see them making their entrance with the best men, Scott and Rudy to the sound of the Cristina Perry favourite, 1,000 years, sung by Lara Fullerton who was accompanied on the piano by the legend that is Alex Graham.
I also loved the way they chose to involve their mums as their witnesses when they signed the Marriage Schedule.

Along with these pics from photographer Alan Meadows, Allan sent me these kind words.

Firstly Gary and I would like to thank you for doing our ceremony, all our guests have commented about how unique it was, funny, emotional and very well delivered. We were all very happy with the day – it really was the best day ever.

The whole day was faultless, but it just went in so quickly. We were both very humbled by the love, kindness and emotions shown though out the day, and both now appreciate more how lucky we are to have such a great group of amazing and supportive friends and family.

The ceremony was very personal to us, and we loved the way in which our story was shared with our loved ones.

Once again Tim many thanks for being a part of what truly was the most amazing day ever.

Gentlemen, it really was! I am sure there are lots of other photos which show just how emotional and moving a day it was, and if you’re feeling brave, I hope you’ll get Alan to send me some, but even without them, I think everyone reading this will get just how much it meant to you, your families and your friends, so thank you again for asking me to be your celebrant: it was a joy!

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