Rick and Phillip’s Humanist Blessing Ceremony at The Caledonian Hotel

I’ve been looking forward to hearing from Phillip and Rick for a long, long time, because their wedding was a bit special, for lots of reasons. I’ll let them tell their story in their own words, and in these lovely photographs from the talented Jonathon Fowler.

To say that our wedding day was the best day of our lives would be an understatement. 

When we arrived the day before with all my family from America, and Rick’s family from England and Scotland, it felt so surreal having the two realities converge. 

We had prepared for that day for a year and the Waldorf Astoria couldn’t have been more hospitable. 

I remember coming down the central stair case to look at the ceremony rooms and the flowers had arrived. Seeing them go into place and the staff running around making sure everything was going where it should really made us feel like everything was about to happen! 

Moments before the ceremony we started to both feel anxious and nervous but it was really good to see you at the end of the aisle, as we knew where you stood would be the place that we would be married in front of all our friends and family. 

The ceremony was truly incredible. It was so fun that we got to write our own ceremony, but just with your guidance, because it felt like it was OURS. 

I’ve been to so many weddings and they all sort of follow the same routine but ours got to be so original. 

Getting our guests involved by letting them pass the rings through their hands and getting them to say some vows to us were definitely stand-out moments. 

The night then went on to the wedding breakfast which had some amazing food made by the Caledonian Hotel’s head chef and the music had everyone on the dance floor all night. 

Our wedding was literally something you see in the movies which I know sounds a bit cheesy but that’s the only comparable I can think of to explain how perfect and amazing our wedding day was! 

Sometimes we have to stop and think how lucky we are to have been able to be married in the first place. 

We don’t take for granted for one second that we are a same sex couple that are lucky enough to have fallen in love in a time where we can and get married in this big fancy hotel and had our entire family there that supports and love us. 

Cheesy or not, we’re living our perfect movie plot! 

And cut! No, it’s not cheesy guys, it’s  beautiful, and you totally owned it. 

I love how you came in with your mums/moms; I love how the guests got to hold the rings; I love that your mums/moms gave you the rings to give to one another

I could go on, but you get the picture…

I loved your ceremony, and I am just so pleased you chose me to conduct it. 

So, thank you, Phillip and Rick – long may you continue to star in your own unique love story! My thanks again to Jonathon Fowler, whose blog of the day has some more great shots here

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