Ashley and Jamie’s Humanist Wedding at Balbirnie House


Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.
Storytelling lies at the heart of my approach to weddings, and I love it when couples take up my suggestion that they invite their friends and family to help deliver their story. 
Jamie and Ashley did that brilliantly. Every single member of their Wedding Party spoke, and as you will see, they had a lot of fun! Chloe, ‘The Bairn’, kicked off the tale. 
David told us about Ash and Jamie’s first meeting at The Civil Service Club…
It didn’t go well, as Lauren revealed!
Michael confirmed that Jamie did indeed crash and burn….
But then Jade told us what transpired two years later, when Jamie had grown both his hair and a beard… 
Let’s just say the disguise worked! She handed over to Nick, who talked about Jamie’s missing years
Kristi dealt with the emotional bit really well
And Sean wrapped it all perfectly in Jamie’s words as he said, “We started at the bottom and we worked our way up. I love our story. I love us!”
I was so pleased when Ashley sent me these great photos by Suzanne Li and these words.
Both of us looking back now, just remember what an amazing day it was from start to finish and we couldn’t have asked for better. 
I remember as I walked up the aisle there was just this amazing atmosphere and everyone just looking super happy. Apart from Jamie who looked extremely pale and ready to pass out. 




Afterwards, most of the guests said he didn’t really speak before the ceremony which just shows how nervous he was! 
We both agreed that the ceremony was our favourite part of the day. We are so glad that we made it personal to us and got to share our story with our family and friends from the very beginning. 




Also having our families involved in the ceremony was extra special for us – even though a few at first weren’t too sure about speaking in front of everyone; we are both so happy they agreed in the end.
Most of our guests commented on the ceremony, saying that they had never been to a wedding like this. It’s nice to know that we told our story in our own individual way as each story is unique! 
We just loved everything about it and feel I could go on for hours about the day but I feel I’d best leave it there.


I’m sure we could talk about your ceremony all day, Ashley and Jamie – my hope is that your family and friends will still be talking about it in 50 years time!


Thanks again for the kind words, and these great shots by the talented Suzanne Li



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