Symbolic Gestures: The Candle Ceremony

The lighting
of candles can convey more than one kind of meaning. It can be a way of
symbolising the coming together of two individuals in the unity of marriage,
and it can also be a way to remember the people we love who cannot be with us
at this important moment.
There are
three candles in the ‘Unity Candle’ ritual. The first two are usually tall and
slim, while the third is normally a larger and thicker candle, symbolizing the
Each partner lights a single candle at the start of the ceremony, and
then when they have been pronounced husband and wife, they use those two
candles to jointly light the third.


The most
usual other form of candle ritual is when a candle or candles are lit in memory
of departed family or friends. This is usually followed by a short period of
quiet contemplation.

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