Scott and Chris’s Humanist Wedding in the Garden of their Home

Chris and Scott’s wedding was very special to me, not just because we’ve been neighbours for almost 20 years, but much more importantly, because they’ve been together for 25! 
To celebrate, they brought together all the most important people in their lives, and they totally transformed their garden, garage and the lane outside to create a perfect space for their party.
They shared their story with each other and me in their homework, but in the ceremony they allowed two of their best friends to tell it in their own way. Those friends were their Best Woman, Lisa, and their Best Man,Gordon, and they did a fantastic job!
The atmosphere was very emotional, but also very relaxed. Along with these photos (taken by various people among the guests), Scott and Chris said, 
We could not have been more pleased by the way the day went. The ceremony itself was perfect in the sense that it reflected our feelings towards each other and allowed us to share those with the people who mean so much to us. 
We had so many people come up to us afterwards to say how beautiful they thought the ceremony was but also that it was their first experience of Humanism. It had made them think about things in their own lives and I’m sure a number of those people will now think of using a Humanist celebrant in future. 
There is a saying that you normally enjoy other people’s weddings more than your own. For us, it was not the case and was a most wonderful day. 
We felt the love for everyone there and the number of people who told us it was the best wedding they had ever been to was humbling”. 
It’s humbling to me too, Chris and Scott, but as I always reply, when people say, ‘that’s the best wedding I’ve ever been to’ 
‘I know – because YOU wrote it!
Their reaction is a testament to your love, openness and honesty, and it could not be more deserved. 
I wish you at least another 25 years of love and happiness together!

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