Gary and Kirstie’s Humanist Wedding at Balbirnie House


Kirstie and Gary didn’t have a wedding party: it was more like a wedding army, but their six bridesmaids and seven best men somehow managed to squeeze in beside them in the Long Gallery at Balbirnie House. 

After the groom’s nephew-to-be, Jack, took the rings to the back of the room so they could be passed through the hands of all the guests, the ceremony really got going.
It was a great story that shows you should never give up on the possibility of love! 
Gary was just on the point of retiring to a life of celibacy when he saw ‘Cheekymonkey’- a gorgeous, peroxide blonde, Mohawk-sporting girl in a 50’s style dress. He thought, ‘Shy bairns get nae sweeties’, so he decided it was time to punch above his weight and say hello.
Cut to first date, when they both arrive in matching white Ford Fiestas, listening to exactly the same album on their stereos, Morcheeba’s
“Big Calm”. As Kirstie so eloquently put it, “I don’t think either of us
realised we were about to meet the other half of us”

 As you can tell from my facial expressions in these photos, the ceremony was just so much fun! I love that Kirstie and Gary said, It really was a much more entertaining wedding ceremony than either of us remembered”. That has to be a first! They went on to say,

“You did such an amazing job as Celebrant on our wedding. We are both so grateful & elated that we managed to find you. We really could not have asked for a better person to tell our story. 
All of our family & friends have commented on what a fantastic ceremony it was and what an amazing & entertaining job you did performing the role as our Celebrant. 
We have to take some of the credit for that though, but we would never have written such a perfect ceremony had it not been for the homework that you set us both. 
Through your tried & tested method of getting us to write our vows & ceremony – arguably the most important part of a bride & groom’s wedding day – and through your unique delivery, our wedding day could not have been more perfect. 
Well I am glad you feel that way, Kirstie and Gary, because that’s exactly what I thought too!
Thanks to ‘I DO’ Wedding Photography for these shots, and I can’t wait to see your Marryoke now!

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