Lauren and Danny’s Humanist Wedding at Edinburgh Zoo

I remember when I arrived at the Mansion House at the Zoo, Danny was looking especially nervous. He and Lauren had chosen to speak their vows to one another directly and without sharing them beforehand, so I suggested he take a moment to sit and read them over, so he was composed when the time came.

Danny spent a good ten minutes sitting on the radiator, at the other end of the room. I think it helped him: a bit, anyway. But when Lauren came in, he was completely and utterly overwhelmed.

As Danny wrote, “It’s impossible to explain how I felt during our ceremony. The feeling of knowing that you’re about to spend the rest of your life with your best friend and the most beautiful girl in the world is better than any other. 

I have never felt more happy or emotional in my entire life. 

Seeing Lauren, hearing her vows and hearing our story all at the same time blew me away and I can’t describe the feeling I had. 

It was just completely overwhelming feelings of love. Thank you so much Tim”

I got this lovely message from Lauren the other day too.

“We just wanted to say a massive thank you for our beautiful ceremony. It was more emotional stunning and funny than either of us had ever anticipated. 

You told our story beautifully and all of our guests commented how unique and special our ceremony was. We are so so thankful! 

It was by far the highlight of our day and we feel so lucky to have been able to make or ceremony so personal and say exactly how we feel. 

Thank you so much! Xxx”

This photo, by Kris Soul says it all doesn’t it?

Thank you so much, Danny and Lauren. Nobody will ever forget your wedding day: of that I can be sure!

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