Katie and Chris’s wedding at the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh

Katie and Chris put a lot of imagination into their ceremony. It was full of original touches, and they even took the time to make their ‘rules on photography’ fun too.

“Just like the movies, if we can all make sure our phones are on silent. Also, as picture-perfect as today may be, please refrain from uploading photographs of the bride and groom to social media – until they say it’s safe to do so. If you don’t know what social media is, don’t worry you can get them developed any time”.
It’s good to have a piper in the family, and katie was piped in by her brother-in-law, Pete.
The Royal College of Physicians is a favourite venue for couples with a scientific turn of mind, so it was entirely fitting that the first reading, from Katie’s cousin George, was from Albert Einstein on the subject of relativity. 
As he said, Put your hand on a stove for a minute and it seems like an hour. Sit with that special girl for an hour and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity.”

Chris and Katie are both sporty and competitive, and they enjoy encouraging each other through such feats of daring as Total Warrior, and Survival of the Fittest, so it’s no surprise that their injuries were one of the first experiences that strengthened the bond between them.

After some ‘Guest Vows’, when their guests promised to support them in the years to come, Chris and Katie spoke their own personal vows while Oliver stepped up with the rings.

In another original touch, they invited their grandfathers to witness the signing of the marriage schedule.

Sarah MacNeill was a surprise addition to the ceremony and she played a version of ‘Here Comes the Sun’ as everyone made their mark. 

The ceremony ended after all the guests had joined me in speaking a blessing to the happy couple, and a few hectic months later, I got these photos and a lovely card from Chris and Katie.

We are writing to say a massive thank you for all your help and effort in making our ceremony so fantastic. 

So many of our guests said how beautiful it had been, and that they thought they would become humanists. 

We had the best day of our lives and I felt so relaxed during the ceremony and I know that was down to all your helpful hints and tips – it was simply perfect! Many thanks again,  Katie and Chris.

I am so glad to hear that, K&C: thanks for the kind words, thanks to Ian Barclay for the photos, and I hope you’ll keep me in touch with your news in the months and years to come!

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