Is Thought For the Day boring?

John Humphrys seems to think so. In an interview with the Radio Times, he said the slot is “deeply, deeply boring”, and argues for the inclusion of thoughts for the day from secular thinkers.  It’s not the first time that this claim has been made, but the BBC doesn’t agree, and it’s unlikely if Thought for the Day will ever change its policy.

Does it matter? Probably not, but eight years ago, I thought it worth trying to change, so I persuaded the Guardian to run a series of podcasts that showed what a secular thought for the day slot might be like. 

We persuaded quite a range of people to contribute, from the late Clare Rayner to the former Bishop of Edinburgh, Richard Holloway. 

Their recordings are still up there, so you can listen to them here and judge for yourself
I’d be interested to know your thoughts…

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