Ayns and Chris’s Humanist Wedding at Dalduff Farm

Earlier this year, I found myself over in deepest Ayshire where Chris and Ayns had booked Dalduff Farm for their wedding. 

It had been a long journey from our first contact, but I knew we were going to have a great day.



We did!


I’d been hoping to hear from them afterwards, because I felt theirs was a very special ceremony, so I dropped them a line yesterday. Here’s what I found in my inbox this morning.

Hi Tim, 

Sorry we have taken so long to reply….we are laughing as this is how we remember starting our emails to you when writing our ceremony!
We can’t believe it has been 6 months already. We can honestly say we had the best day. The ceremony was definitely our favorite part!


Based on feedback from friends and family they too were very impressed by the humanist ceremony and the personal story that was told throughout. 
Some of our guests even commented that they wished they had had a humanist ceremony.
Prior to the wedding we remember emailing back and forth, providing you with the information you were looking for. If you remember Chris struggled with the homework and that caused a ruckus. 
Anyway, eventually we got there with your guidance. When writing we had a great laugh, although it took up a fair amount of time and  a couple of arguments.  
At times before the wedding we wondered what work you were doing and what we were paying you for! Ha! Ha! #jokes. 
At that point we could never have imagined those words being told in such a personal loving way by someone we barely knew. 
The way you conducted the ceremony and put us at ease was amazing. 
We thought the ceremony would have been a nerve wracking point of the day but we have never felt so at ease and so loved by everyone present. 
You started the day in such an amazing way, and the rest of the day flowed with more love, laughs and tears! 
We feel like you did our words justice in the ceremony you conducted and expressed our story and love for each other perfectly. 
You actually are a legend, and we can’t thank you enough!! We wish we could do it all again, but we do have that lovely feeling in our hearts forever to remember. 
We have joked though if it all goes wrong and we get divorced, we would definitely use you again for our ceremony! ha! 
Please find attached some photos from our friends and family, and from our friend Greg Urquhart who was our photographer. Please feel free to use any images you wish. 
Lots of love, Ayns and Chris………and not to forget Eve and Robbie xx
Chris and Ayns (and Eve and Robbie) you just made my day! Thank you so much for these lovely words and matching photos – (thanks Greg Urquhart too), stay happy, don’t get divorced, and above all, don’t lose touch! XXX

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