Michele and Jim’s Humanist Wedding at Cornhill Castle

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” is a phrase that resonates with a certain kind of person. 

Jim is one of them, and that is why Michele decided to give him a very special wedding present – one that came as a bit of a surprise to everyone, and not just to him.

Jim and his best man Stevie were waiting with me for the entrance of the bridal party in the marquee at Cornhill Castle Hotel

what he didn’t know was that they were going to be preceded by Darth Vader and two of his stormtroopers!

As you’ve probably guessed, Michele and Jim share a great sense of humour. From the earliest days of their courtship, when Michelle told Jim he could Bissell her carpets anytime, through dates at Macdonalds, lost car keys at the Braehead Shopping Centre, ferries to Dunoon, the birth of a child, and dealing with dirty nappies, they’ve made a partnership that can survive any challenges – including evil parrots!

Their ceremony was full of laughter, but it had its serious side too.

Keira read a poem she wrote herself for Daddy and Michele

and after a pause for quiet contemplation, Michele and Jim spoke their vows and exchanged rings.

Jim promised ‘to share the all the good things in life…apart from the remote control on a Saturday night, because I still refuse to watch the X Factor!’

Michele was more generous. She said, ‘I promise to always love you and be your best friend through all of life’s ups and downs, grow old with you but act as young as we do today. I also promise to take it on the chin if you find the Roman gold first!’




After we signed the Marriage Schedule, Michele and Jim decided to add a symbolic gesture that’s not often seen these days: the sand ceremony.


What you do is take two different-coloured sands and pour them into a single vessel: they chose to use an hour glass. 

The idea is that just as the grains of sand become indistinguishably blended, the two separate lives become one. 

I thought the hour glass was a great idea. As they said, ‘sometimes it will be topsy turvy and upside down, but more importantly just as it will impossible to separate those grains of sand, it will impossible to separate us.’ 

Michele wrote, ‘I want to thank you so much for everything you did for us… You made our ceremony so personal and perfect! Our guests loved it and they all said it was one of the best wedding ceremonies they’d ever attended!!!! I honestly can’t thank you enough for conveying our thoughts and feelings so perfectly.

Thank you again for all your help and for calming me down before the ceremony… I was as high as a kite!!! 

Please continue to give couples the ‘Maguire’ experience on their special days…. You are absolutely fantastic at it!!!!!!’

Och, Michele, you’re making me blush, but thank you: I love my work, and I LOVED your ceremony. May the force be with you! And thanks to Dumfries-based photographer David Yule for his great photos: you can read more about him here

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