Gillian and Alastair’s Humanist Wedding at the Royal Scots Club

Sometimes the best weddings are the ones when things go wrong. Gillian and Alastair weren’t the first couple to arrive minus something very important, but Gillian was definitely the first bride I’ve met who’d chosen to be responsible for bringing the rings…
When she got in touch today, Gillian said, “Looking back, I still can’t believe that when it came to leaving the house between myself, my mum, my dad, 3 bridesmaids, a flower girl, a photographer and a vintage taxi driver none of us thought to check about the rings! 
Particularly considering my mum had spent about 10 minutes in our back garden, protecting the rings from the magpies while they were being photographed… It was only when my mum and bridesmaids arrived at the venue we realised anything was amiss! 
Dad, Matt (our photographer) and myself were actually running early and had just discussed with Gill, our driver, that we should take a drive round the block so I didn’t arrive before the guests had all got in when we got the phone call asking if we had the rings. I had two options, to laugh or cry, thankfully I chose the first!
It was only after several frantic phone calls between photographers, drivers and my parents that we finally had a plan- I would be driven to a pub in Stockbridge to enjoy a G and T while chaos ensued around me. 
Gill, our driver would take the other taxi up to our house, let herself in, locate the rings, then drive back down. Meanwhile Alastair would be left sweating it out down in the venue unknowing about the lack of rings until my mum ran, flustered, down the aisle towards the two of you to say what had happened. 
After enjoying my G&T I then gracefully arrived, still without rings, at the Royal Scots Club where you had devised a plan to start the ceremony without the rings and have our piper, Callum, appear with them during the ceremony! 
The ceremony then proceeded flawlessly, thanks to you, with no one realising that the rings weren’t actually at the venue when we started! The ceremony itself was beautiful, you did a wonderful job of capturing our love for each other (and gin). We got lots of comments after about how personal the ceremony was and how it really captured our lives and personalities. 
It was such a good ceremony, in fact, I believe it got you a booking from two of our friends next year- I can’t wait to attend the wedding and see you conduct their ceremony! 
The rest of the day was filled with lots of gin, celebration, happiness and dancing (probably fuelled by the drinking of gin). It exactly the day we wanted it to be. I think neither of us stopped smiling the entire day.
Thank you again, 
Gillian and Alastair”
I also got this lovely message from Gillian’s mum, Christine, who said, I just wanted to thank you for such a perfect wedding. Your calmness in a crisis was fantastic! The ceremony itself was lovely- emotional, truthful(!)and funny,just as they wanted! It was absolutely perfect. Thank you very much for being a part of the day and helping make it so fantastic.”
As Shakespeare said, all’s well that ends well! 
Thank you so much, Christine, Gillian and Alastair for your kind words, and thanks to Matt & Dan of Fern Photography for these photos. You can see some more images of the ceremony from their blog here

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