Kerry and Robin’s Humanist Wedding at Marine Villa, Archerfield House

Kerry and Robin’s wedding was one of the highlights of my summer, and her excuse for not getting in touch before now is the highlight of my spring: she’s radiantly pregnant, and full of joy looking forward to her next big event!

Anyone who reads my blog will know that ‘the homework’is absolutely central to my approach, and Robin and Kerry’s story tells you why far better than I can, so over to them…

Doing the ‘homework’ you set for us was definitely one of the highlights of the process. It was such a great way to remind ourselves of what we love about each other and why we decided to get married in the first place (amidst all the planning I’m sure it’s easy for couples to get carried away with the material choices they have to make and lose sight of what’s really important!) 

The evening we shared our ‘findings’ was one of the best and most emotional nights we’ve ever experienced as a couple, so thank you for giving us that. We jokingly refer to it as ‘The Night of Tears.’

The day itself was just a blast. Beforehand we were a little anxious about all these different people from different times in our life being in the same place at the same time, but realised this will probably never happen again, so decided to embrace it! Both our mornings were surprisingly relaxing – Robin played golf with the guys while I was in hair and make up with my mum and the bridesmaids, and we were all having such a laugh that 3pm arrived so quickly! 

I wasn’t nervous about walking down the aisle – just more excited to see Robin waiting at the end for me – but as soon as I turned into the marquee with my dad and saw him (combined with the Cairn String Quartet playing Vladimir Martynov’s ‘The Beatitudes’ from my favourite film The Great Beauty), all composure was gone! The happy tears took over yet again. 

It was such a pleasure hearing you deliver the ceremony we had taken time to create, and we’ve since talked about how surreal yet enjoyable it was having someone narrate the story of us! 

I’m sure you’ll remember I found it hard to get through the vows – the words we’d written together were so meaningful and heartfelt that it was a struggle to say them out loud without going to pieces! 

Nearly every single one of our guests commented on how lovely and personal the ceremony was, and how they felt like they knew us better as a couple afterwards. 

I also think the amazing setting, my friend Natasha’s performance of ‘O Mio Babbino Caro’, Robin’s cousin Julie’s reading of ‘Quiet Song in Time of Chaos’, everyone singing a song by The Beach Boys, and our four-legged ring bearer definitely opened a few of our guests’ minds (particularly those who had only ever been to church weddings and hadn’t ever come across Humanism before). 

The nature of the ceremony, being by the sea, our David Bowie themed table plan, the fantastic speeches, and our surprise wedding dance (a slow rhumba to Glen Campbell’s ‘Wichita Lineman’ which morphed into a disco routine to Olivia Newton John’s ‘Xanadu’) totally encapsulated Robin and I as a couple. The day just felt so ‘us’, which was fantastic. We just wish every day could be like September 3rd, 2016!   

Ahh, think I’m going to need to get the wedding album out now 

Love,Kerry and Robin xxx

Well that wedding album is bound to include most if not all of the shots you can see here, on the Blue Sky blog of the day

And there is a really lovely trailer, shot by my friends Yvonne and Steve of Cherry Tree Films here: I think you’ll agree, it captures the mood perfectly.

Thank you Robin and Kerry – and I can’t wait to hear about the next chapter in your lives!

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