Jenni and Rich’s Humanist Wedding at Edinburgh Zoo

Some weddings were just meant to happen. How could a Birrell meet a Burrell and not fall in love? 

Jenni and Rich wrote a wonderful ceremony. It was short on story but big on meaning. As they said, “We have put a lot of thought into what marriage means to thus and we’ve had many a long evening discussing why we have chosen to marry each other.The primary reason is teamwork!”

When they came to see me for the rehearsal, Jenni was really nervous about speaking her vows directly to Rich. And no wonder – that is the most challenging of the many different ways you can do this (and most people don’t).  But Jenni was determined to crack it, so  we spent a fair bit of time that afternoon just getting her to…




It worked. The Birrell Burrell Wedding was great fun and very moving. Here’s what they said when they sent me these great photographs.

“We’ve been enjoying reliving the day, seeing things we may have missed, shed many a tear over the emotion of the day and laughed at the funny moments. 

We would just like to say thank you. Thank you for all you did for us on our wedding day, and the build up to it. The support and guidance you provided was invaluable, and to have you there on the day was a great comfort to us. The ceremony was truly magical, and even though we wrote it, it couldn’t have happened the way it did without you. To have such a kind, supportive and professional celebrant really made our day, and we cannot express just how grateful we are. 

I must say thank you especially for helping me get through the wobbly moment with the vows in the rehearsal. Taking on board what happened and your advice meant reading them on the day was much easier and that it was ok to “take my time”.

We wish you all the best, and thank you so much for marrying us. Jenni & Rich Burrell 

It was an honour, Jenni and Rich: thank you for asking me in the first place! And thanks too to Fraser Cameron whose reportage style images illustrate this story.

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