Nicola and Martin’s Humanist Wedding wedding at the Marriott Country Club Dalmahoy

  Oh oh. Here comes trouble…

When someone as cute as Erin is the first to come down the white carpet, you know it’s going to be a good day.

I had a great time when ‘The Tesco Boy’ and ‘The Hot Girl That Comes Into Tesco’ finally made it legal.

Nicola and Martin have a lot of shared interests, including football, which means that Martin is one lucky guy!

Their ceremony was as laid back and funny as they are, and you can see from these great shots by Ross Barber how happy they both were on the day.

Nicola’s sister and Maid of Honour Lynsey gave us a reading, Nicola’s wee niece Erin thoroughly stole the show and then Martin and Nicola both spelled out how they felt about each other, in suitably unromantic style. The guests loved it, and so did I!

Before Martin and Nicola spoke their own vows, I asked the guests to make a promise to them.

This is something of a new idea, and for want of a better name, I’m calling it The Guest Vow.

It’s a great idea because a) it makes the guests feel involved and b) it gently reminds them why they’re there. They’re not here just for the party: you invited them because they’re all going to be an important part of your future, and you know that at some time, you will need their support.

I’m going to write more about The Guest Vow in a separate post, but drop me a line if you want to know more.

Here’s what Nicola and Martin said when they sent me these pictures.

The ceremony was fantastic, we were both delighted with it. 

 You made us feel so relaxed and comfortable with the process. 

 We have had so many people compliment the ceremony, commenting how your style was great.

A few even said it was the best wedding ceremony they have been at! So thank you once again for doing such a great job on our big day.

This is the shot I said they’d never use – but I’m glad they did.

Keep laughing, you two, and making each other laugh every day!

Thanks again to Ross Barber Photography: you can see more photos from the day on his blog here

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