Jacqui & Rick’s Humanist Wedding at The Waldorf Astoria, Edinburgh

I get to tell some great stories, but very few can match this one!

Once upon as time, way back in 1979, a frisky eighteen year-old Rick was introduced to a cute 15 year-old schoolgirl called Jacqui by her then boyfriend- we’ll call him Boyfriend #1 for now – who was a golf buddy of Rick’s. 

Much to Rick’s despair he couldn’t make a move on Jacqui because of the “Friends Code of Conduct!” Jacqui then moved onto Boyfriend
#2 who unfortunately was another of Rick’s golf buddies… Are you seeing a pattern here?

The packed house was enthralled: you could have heard the proverbial pin drop.

Fast forward to 2012. Rick flies home to Scotland to attend the 50th Birthday party of Boyfriend #2.  Boyfriend #1 was there too.  Jacqui wasn’t, but thanks to the wonder of Facebook, a new romance blossomed and a few weeks later she found herself flying 4,000 miles to spend three weeks with a man she hadn’t seen for over 30 years. Romantic? You bet!

Let’s just say that Jacqui is a brave girl. And Rick is a big hearted man. Guess who his groom’s men were? That’s right.  Boyfriend #2 and Boyfriend #1. It was an extremely emotional ceremony. It was also an extremely funny one, overflowing with joy and laughter.

After the vows, we were blown away by the fabulous voice of Edinburgh’s Got Talent Finalist Ciara Harvie, who looks and sounds like a young Maria Callas – you don’t often get grand opera at a wedding, but this one deserved it and she really was outstanding.

It was the perfect music for such a dramatic and heartfelt ceremony.

From their Caribbean honeymoon, Jacqui and Rick sent me this note:
Rick and I would like to express our huge thanks to you for conducting such a wonderful ceremony for us. It really was something special and everyone could feel the emotion in the room.

We thoroughly enjoyed it despite all the tears and our guests all said its the best wedding ceremony they had ever been to!

We couldn’t have done it without you and thank you for all your guidance in helping us put the ceremony together. We can’t wait to see the video so we can relive the moment again!

With our best regards, Jacqui and Rick

It was a pleasure! And when you get the video, please let me see it too! My thanks also go to my old friend Mark Bryce for these stunning shots.

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