Nicola and Derek’s Humanist Wedding at Melville Castle

Next time someone asks me “What’s so special about a humanist wedding?”, I’m just going to ask them to read these words, written by the new Mr. and Mrs. Bellany.

“I hope you like our photos –  we love them and think the mixture of smiles, laughing and tears sums up our cememony perfectly.

Now that 3 months has past since our big day we can truly reflect on our wedding day and what our ceremony has gone on to mean for us. 

We feel lucky that our wedding vows really reflected our relationship and in the weeks following our wedding, we have both said more than once, ‘remember our wedding vows’. I’m still trying to be tidier and Derek is still trying to accept my mess! 

I have a feeling this is going to be a recurring theme for our marriage, but we knew what we were getting into and honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. We are imperfect people, and the fact that our vows allowed us to be imperfect, accepting of each other and happy anyway was exactly what we needed.

Literally everyone who attended our wedding commented on how personal and sincere the ceremony was. Mostly people said that it felt ‘real’. 

A lot of our family and friends had never been to a humanist wedding before and were moved by how personal it was. 

Although Derek and I both knew we wanted a humanist ceremony, neither of us really knew what that would look like. 

I suppose we were a bit shellshocked with the talk of ‘homework’ and writing our own ceremony – after all we wanted it to be good lol.

Thank you for inspiring us into saying the things to each other that really mattered and really thinking about the things that made us fall in love. 

We got a chance to tell our story to the people who matter most in the world to us and for that we truly thank you. 

We joked, laughed and cried while writing our ceremony – which I think is the whole point – and ultimately it helped bring us closer and really take ownership of our wedding day. 

Our ceremony helped set the tone for our entire day – and to us it was perfect. 

Mr and Mrs Bellany xx

Nuff said? I think so – other than to thank Ewa Labuda for her lovely photography and to thank Nicola and Derek once again for their kind and inspiring words xxx

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