Mel and Alex’s Humanist Wedding in the gardens of Malleny House

I love a multi-lingual marriage, but Italian and Hungarian were only two of the seven languages spoken by the guests at Mel and Alex’s wedding – that could have been challenging, but it wasn’t.

I also love weddings where couples really involve their guests, and Alex and Mel did that in an ingenious and very entertaining way.  My first words were “szeretettel üdvözlök mindenkit” which means pretty much the same as “signore e signori, buon giorno e benvenuti” but after that I spoke entirely in English, while the wedding party held up signs in both languages at the same time. CLEVER!

It took place somewhere I’d never been before, in the gardens of Malleny House at Balerno – sadly the house itself isn’t open  to the public but the gardens, which date from the 17th Century, are, and they are very beautiful.

It was great fun, as well as very moving. 

A few days later I got a lovely card, all the way from Sunny Plockton in Wester Ross. It said, 

“The North West of Scotland is giving us its best, but between the storms, we’ve had plenty of time to reflect on our beautiful wedding. 

We just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU – you helped us celebrate our love in the way we wanted! 

We could not have picked a *better guy* to help Alex and myself become Mr & Mrs Funedda”

When Mel sent me these great photos, she said, “From our honeymoon we only sent postcards to our mothers and you” so I feel especially flattered!

My thanks to the photographers for these great shots and thanks again to both of you, Alex and Mel: or perhaps I should say “vi auguro ogni felicità”,  and “kívánok boldogságot!”

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