Better Late Than Never… Jane and Tim’s Humanist Wedding at The Royal College of Physicians – in 2007

I love the festival: it’s a great time for bumping into old friends, and couples I’ve married.

A few nights back, coming home from Fringe by the Sea, I met Mark who I married to Lorna down at Cardrona in 2012, but then as Mrs. M and I left the Book Festival we met Tim and Jane whose wedding I conducted no fewer than nine years ago, back in 2007.

It was lovely to see them again, but it was even nicer to get an email today that brought me up to date. As they said, “2007 was a bit of a crazy year for us, which is probably why I didn’t ever get round to sending you the wedding photos – in the space of three months, both Tim and I were made redundant, Tim bought out what is now his own business from our employers, and I found out I was pregnant with Grace!  

Since then life has evolved and seen us fully embracing parenthood. Tim getting to a point where he’s ready to retire (hopefully before his 50th birthday) and begin pursuing his passion for the outdoors and me changing tack completely; my first children’s book is due out in October this year.  

Here are a couple of photos from the wedding ceremony itself, and then a more recent one of Tim and Grace, our seven year old daughter, in Rome this Summer.  
Every year, we dig out our wedding photos and remind ourselves of that wonderful day.  We also re-read the vows you helped us write (which are framed on our study wall).  We are still very much in love and look forward to seeing where life takes us over the coming years.  Thanks again for playing such a big part in our special day.
Warm wishes, Jane and Tim Evans

I’m sure you can imagine how touching this was to read. Thank you again, Jane, Tim and Grace – and let me know when the book hits the shelves!

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