Sarah & Jamie’s Humanist wedding at The George Hotel

Once upon a time, long, long ago, back at the dawn of time, before even the invention of Facebook, there was a website called ‘Newstudent’ where Glasgow University freshers jamiepw1 and misty651 exchanged messages… 


They were just looking to make friends, and that’s what they remained for no fewer than eight years before a late night snuggle on a Megabus. Classy.

Within the first six months, they’d been on three holidays, and Jamie had moved in.


Fast-forward six
months, and they found themselves moving to Jersey.

Fast forward another couple of years and here we all are at the George Hotel in Edinburgh, eleven years after they first met, surrounded by their family and friends. Jamie was supported by his best friends Chufty, Jordy, and his younger brother, Alexander the Swag King.
Sarah assembled no fewer than four bridesmaids: her sister
Jennifer, her friend Emma the saxophone enthusiast, along with Jamie’s sisters Elizabeth and Arabella. 

Just out of shot is Sarah’s young cousin Rowan, who was her flower girl.


As you can see from these photos, 
the bride and groom are diagonally opposite their families, so they get the best view. 
We had readings from Fiona, Lorna and Dan before we got the vows and exchange of rings. 
We also got a very funny and moving ‘thought on marriage’ from Sarah’s mother Pat who told us what she’d learned from her 34 years together with David. 
One of them was to remember that men and women are different. 
Women need to feel loved and cherished, but men need to feel needed and



Sarah and Jamie spoke their vows to each other in what I call the ‘poker style’ – 
that’s where you do a series of vows back and forth between the two of you. 
It’s kind of like, ‘I see your vow and I’ll raise you…’
After the ceremony, Sarah’s mum left a lovely post on my Facebook page.
I had never been to a humanist wedding celebration before and I was delighted with the moving, personal ceremony that you orchestrated; a celebration in every way. 
I loved the relaxed, friendly atmosphere; the personal introductions of all the participants, the humour and the fact we clapped and laughed during the ceremony. 
I also greatly appreciated you coming to my rescue when I had no clue where to sit!
Sarah and Jamie posted this lovely message to my Facebook page too…
“Hi Tim, apologies for our delay in getting in touch – that’s us just back from honeymoon! Jamie and I just wanted to say a massive thank you for being our celebrant. You were absolutely brilliant. You did a fantastic job of guiding us towards a personal, entertaining and memorable ceremony that truly reflected who we are as a couple, and also ensuring everyone knew exactly where they needed to be and what they needed to do – despite the fact that us living in Jersey meant we couldn’t actually meet in person until the day itself!
You are such a character, you brought the ceremony to life, and we would not hesitate to recommend you to others. SO many of our guests commented on how wonderful our ceremony was and how much they enjoyed it. We do not have our official photos back yet, but we’ll be sure to share some with you when we do  
Thanks again. Sarah and Jamie Wisbey xxx”
Well the photographs duly arrived and they’re great as you can see so thank you again Sarah & Jamie and of course thanks to their photographer, Karol Makula

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