Katie and Ross’s Humanist Wedding at The Signet Library

I think you can guess which Edinburgh author inspired the theme for Ross and Katie’s wedding…
 It was an appropriately magical occasion, in the splendid surroundings of Edinburgh’s historic Signet Library
Where even the railings seemed somehow to have been art directed to match.
I don’t usually post quite so many photos of the build-up, but I think that Karolina did such a great job, you’ll enjoy them as much as I did: you can check out more of her work here
Katie and Ross met at school – sixteen years before, when the new first year students of the Royal High School gathered in the assembly hall on their first day. Ross was struck by Katie’s big beautiful eyes. 
Katie thought Ross was a prefect because he was so much taller than everyone else.
(He’s not quite so tall now…)
But before I told their story, Katie’s bridesmaid Emma and Ross’s groomsman Stephen gave us our first reading, “A Lovely Love Story, by Edward Monkton
The story was a long one, but it was a good one, and it was very, very happy.
Their teenage romance sort of began at the age of 12, but it wasn’t until they were 15 that Ross began his wooing in the way that only a teenage boy can: by breaking all of Katie’s stuff. 

In one RE class Ross dismantled Katie’s pen, and as its spring flew across the room, one of their exasperated classmates cried out, “will you two not just get together?”
From being teenagers just finishing school, they became young adults with degrees and careers, 
and they moved in to their first flat together on the date of their 5th anniversary
After nine years Ross thought it was probably time he popped the question and he did it with great panache. He told Katie to come home from work early because he had a surprise for her, but when she got there, he was nowhere to be seen.
Instead, there was a card that had ‘Read Me’ written on it. Katie found herself at the start of a treasure hunt 
that took her all around the house, where she found more and more cards, each with a picture on the front and some words written by Ross inside.
The last one told Katie to put something pretty on, because a taxi would pick her up in an hour
Completely bemused, Katie complied. The taxi took her to Chambers Street, where she had been instructed to open the final clue. It told her to head to the Tower Restaurant at the National Museum of Scotland. 


When she got there, she was directed to the private roof terrace on top of the museum, 
overlooking the castle which was all lit up at night. Ross was waiting for her. He he asked her to marry him. 
Katie said yes! Cue tears of joy all round…
After Sally gave us a reading, from The Amber Spyglass, by Phillip Pullmanwe had a pause for quiet contemplation and then it was vow time. I began by asking the guest to make some promises to Ross and Katie, which was a great idea. 
Then Katie and Ross spoke their own personal vows to one another.
I pronounced them man and wife, then I got out of the way so Karolina could get these great shots: I love that she stood behind me, so you can see just how their families and friends felt at that moment too.
After signing the Marriage Schedule, with Ross’s brother Robert and Katie’s Maid of Honour Sally, I asked the guests to join me in speaking a blessing to the happy couple.
It was a truly joyous start to their day. 
When they got back from their honeymoon, Ross & Katie kindly sent me this email, along with these wonderful photos by Karolina Kotkiewitz
Now that the dust has settled from our wedding, we have had time to process everything and reflect on what was such an amazing day for us.
You told us when we first met up that after the ceremony everyone will be saying how good it was, and how nice it was to have a ceremony that was all about the couple for a change – and you were right! The response was overwhelmingly positive with people loving how it was informal yet not silly, funny, poignant and even a bit romantic. And these comments came from a wide spectrum of people – religious, non-religious, old, young etc. They particularly liked hearing our story as only a few people knew our story from the very beginning – even family members had no idea about some parts of it.
We therefore want to extend our heartfelt thanks to you 
for how you presided over our ceremony. 
You gave us everything we wanted from a celebrant, 
and we loved every minute of it!
Our wedding really was the best day of our lives,
 and a large part of that was due to the tone set from the ceremony. 
It went by in a blur, but luckily we have some brilliant photos from Karolina! 
The Harry Potter theme has gone down very well, 
with a wedding blog even making a feature of it. 
So my heartfelt thanks go to the new Mr and Mrs Whiteside, for letting me tell their story 
and of course to Karolina for her very atmospheric photographs.



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