Euan and Keri’s Humanist wedding at The Roxburghe Hotel

Keri and Euan met when they were both 20 at a little club on Castle Street called Stereo: Euan asked Keri on their first date over Bebo, which tells you how long ago that was

That first date featured an ice-breaking hot chocolate at Starbucks, because it was the first time they’d met sober. 

It all moved up a gear on the day of Euan’s 21st birthday party when Euan said to  Keri, “I don’t really know how to introduce you,
can I just call you my girlfriend?’ 

Keri’s response was ‘Aye… I suppose you could.” 

That their relationship survived Euan  parading around his party in a mankini tells you all you need to know…

The function suite at The Roxburghe Hotel on Charlotte Square was packed with family and friends.
Keri came in with her brother, and one of the first things she and Euan did was light a candle together in memory of those they loved who could not be with them.
 By July 2013, they had both graduated and they were looking for their first house. Within the space of a weekend, they’d not only bought it, but Euan had also surprised Keri with a proposal and a beautiful ring. As they said, Monday back at work was interesting “So
how was your weekend?” 
“Not bad, thanks. Got engaged, got a house…”
Among other things Keri said she loves about Euan were that he’s handsome, fun to be
around, and he has a patience of a saint. She also loves
 how he thinks
it’s acceptable to loudly sing and play guitar at 8 in the morning – not just waking her up, but the neighbours too!
Euan said, Truth be told, there’s
nothing about Keri I don’t love.
 She has such a big heart, her attitude is
inspirational, and 
I love her cheeky smile: not just any smile but the one she
can’t help but do when she’s so happy! Hopefully a smile you will see a lot
What made that so sweet was that Keri was so nervous, she hardly smiled at all during the ceremony! 
After Euan’s mum Jackie gave us her version of ‘Love Me’ by BeeRawlinson, and Paul gave us Union, by Robert Fulghum, it was onto the vows, which they wrote themselves. Then came the kiss…


and then, and only then, did Keri begin to relax.
They sent me these lovely photos of their day, taken by Thomas of Whitetree Photography, who’s based in Dunfermline, and who shoots in a documentary style. You can check out his website here


They also sent me these kind words.
We want to extend a huge thanks for everything you done for us. 
Everyone absolutely loved the humanist ceremony and the way it was conducted, it was a great opportunity for everyone to get learn more about our story, laugh, cry and celebrate with us. We are so pleased with the way everything went and can not thank you enough for the role you played.


From start to finish nothing could have went better! You were not only excellent in supporting us and making sure we were relaxed before, during and after the ceremony, but you also kept all the guests involved throughout the whole thing. 



We would highly recommend this type of ceremony and, of course, Tim as your celebrant. 
Many thanks again Tim, from Euan and Keri


You can see even more photos of Keri and Euan’s very happy day over on the Whitetree blog

What you probably don’t know about Euan is that his surname is D’Arcy, just like the handsome but tricky hero of Jane Austen’s novel, Pride and Prejudice, so I thought I’d end with this quotation, which seems very appropriate.

My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”.  Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice.

Thank you again Keri and Euan: it was a wonderful day and I loved being a part of it!


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