Carolyn and NIgel’s Humanist Wedding at Seton Collegiate Church

I’m just going to let Carolyn write this post: you’ll see why when you get to the end.

Two months have passed since our amazing wedding at Seton Collegiate and what an amazing 2 months we have had. First off, our wedding was perfect, in every way. The weather was fantastic, what a turn around from the days before and the days after. In the first photo I love how you had me standing in the only sunbeam coming into the church- very powerful. I didn’t even notice this during the ceremony.

The way you delivered our ceremony was wonderful, I was laughing at some of the bits-and I was the one that had written it! That for me is the sign of a good orator. You were great in your delivery and your presence in the church.  I loved learning how you were telling everyone what humanism is not before I arrived, and I am glad to know that we didn’t have to run around naked!. 

Feedback from people who had not experienced a humanist ceremony before was very positive as they could now understand that a humanist ceremony is all about the couple- its real and emotional.  In the second photo my face is one of emotion, and the way that we both delivered our vows was perfect. We both had practised after our attempts at the rehearsal and I am glad that we both managed them without much prompting, and we managed to say them with meaning.  I still find myself laughing when you said to me “the other left hand” when I took Nigel’s hand, this must be something that happens a lot. 

The third photo is when we had left the church after we were married and the amazing feeling of being finally married after 16 years together. We had a lovely drinks reception at the church before heading off to the Marine hotel and our walk on the beach along with my lovely purple wellingtons. 

We has a fantastic reception at the Marine Hotel with a great band, although our ceilidh dancing didn’t really work out. Feedback from the hotel staff was that our band were one of the best they had heard. The sunset that evening was perfect, such a lovely end to the day.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for marrying us, I am very happy that you were the one that we chose to be our celebrant. 

Kind regards

Carolyn and Nigel the Porty Pirate!

As I said to Carolyn, “You made me cry with your lovely letter: thank you so much! I am truly touched.” Thank you also to Istvan Magyar for his photographs – and I look forward very much to hearing from Geoff of ‘Watch The Birdie’ when he’s finished editing the movie!

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