Homework 2.0

One of the more enjoyable parts of my job as a celebrant is reading homework, because that’s where couples really open up about themselves to me for the first time. But April – who’s getting married to Greg later this year – thought outside the box, and she created a slideshow compiled from all the photographs they’ve taken over the time they’ve been together.

As April said, I found writing everything down without waffling was quite hard! 

I do love pictures though, and the homework inspired me to test out our new Mac (I’ve never used one before) to create a slideshow of “us” to go with it. 

Greg loved it, and it was a great reminder for both of us of all the great times we’ve spent together so far!”

I loved it too, and I hope it will inspire you to do something creative of your own to enhance your words. 

Well done April – come to the front of the class and take the rest of the day off: you’ve earned it!

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