Vicky and Mat’s Humanist Wedding at The Glen Pavilion

Mat and Vicky first met just over five years before their big day. A trip to the legendary Download Festival sealed the deal, and they made it more real by living together and getting their two dogs, Blue and Kizzy. 

Grooms-to-be could learn a lot from the way Mat approached their engagement in April 2013. Knowing that Vicky has very specific tastes in jewellery, he used a piece of ribbon to propose and then allowed her to choose her own ring: smart move, Mat!

Their friend Lee Sutherland gave us an excellent rendition of Edward Monkton’s tale of two dinosaurs, ‘A Lovely Love Story’, and then Vicky and Mat spoke their vows. They really wanted to say ‘I take you’, but as long term followers of this blog will know, the HSS insists that couples use the word ‘accept’, so we came up with a compromise that kept them within their interpretation of the law.

Tim: Do you Mathew
take Vicky as your wife; will you love her with all your heart? Do you promise
to encourage and inspire her, to laugh with and comfort her in times of sorrow
and struggle, to love and cherish her always through whatever life may bring
Mat: I do.
Tim: Thank you. Now we will have an exchange of rings
Mat (speaking): Vicky,
I accept you as my wife and give you this ring as a reminder of my love for


Vicky and Mat asked their grannies, Rosemary and Paddy, to be the witnesses, and then, once all the guests had promised to enjoy themselves, we all went outside for some al fresco photos in the park. A wee while back, they got in touch to send me these photos and some kind words.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for conducting our
ceremony. It was all we expected, and more and really made the day feel
like it was about us.


 Everyone that attended had something positive to say about the ceremony, especially the ones that hadn’t seen a humanist one before. I think it was the subject of most conversations in the evening (unless people were just changing the subject everytime we approached!!)


We would definitely recommend a humanist ceremony to anyone we know
and we have done so on a few occasions since our wedding.
Mat added, 
‘It felt good to finally finish the ceremony but at times it was it was very difficult to find the right words (you may remember the correspondence regarding the term “I accept”). 
I would never suggest people use a general ceremony as writing it is what makes the ceremony yours. 
I felt pretty relaxed throughout, even though it did seem to go very quickly!’ 
Mat’s so right. If you want a unique expression of your love, the more you put into it, the more you get back. (But it will still seem to go very quickly!) My thanks again for choosing me to be your celebrant and thanks to Thomas Adameczek of White Tree Photography for these great shots.

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