Sarah and Russell’s Humanist Wedding at The Royal Scots Club


That was the word that came to mind when this card hit my mat this morning, because I’d literally just sent a copy of Russell and Sarah’s ceremony to another couple, as inspiration to create their own.
I thought their wedding ceremony was great, but I didn’t realise how great until a few days later when Russell’s best man Kyle and his fiancée Jen asked if I could conduct their wedding next month – and they were so fired up by what they’d seen and heard that they even did their homework before we met!

What made it so special? 

Well according to Sarah and Russell it was me keeping it running like clockwork, making everyone laugh and pulling at their heart strings, but of course that’s not true, because all the funny stuff, and all the heartstring pulling material came from Russell and Sarah themselves: I just got to tell their families and friends on their behalf, and that’s what makes humanist ceremonies so powerful!

So thank you, Sarah and Russell, not just for making me a part of your very special day, and not just for introducing me to Jen and Kyle either: thank you for my 100th review! 
I look forward very much to seeing you again in just a couple of weeks, and Russell – your jokes had better be funnier than Kyle’s…

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