Emma and Tom’s Humanist Wedding at Seton Collegiate Church

Every wedding needs a good opening sentence, and Tom and Emma didn’t disappoint.

“Good afternoon everyone and welcome to Seton Collegiate Church for this very rare and special occasion – the marriage of a Town Planner to an Architect!”

High school
sweethearts who stay together forever are pretty rare these days, but Tom and Emma have gone the distance. They survived the separation caused by Tom’s failure to get into the same university as Emma: they’ve had adventures from Iceland to Vietnam, they’ve hiked together, climbed together and even renovated a flat together, and ended up in complementary but opposing professions. As they said in their ceremony, “at home as much as at work,  Emma sets the policies,  and Tom finds ever more elaborate ways to justify non-compliance.” Their wedding was warm, witty and full of tenderness.  They sent me this photograph along with this charming card.

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for being part of our special day. Thank you for all your help and advice leading up to our wedding, and of course for marrying us!

It was wonderful to hear our ceremony come alive through your voice, filling Seton with joy, laughter and happiness. Most of our guests hadn’t been to a humanist wedding before, and they all commented on how personal and beautiful it was, (speaking very highly of you!) We had the best day of our life, and memories to cherish. 

Love from Emma and Tom 

It was my pleasure, E&T: now, let’s meet up, and talk about my plans for a roof garden!

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