Alison and Michael’s Humanist Wedding at Balbirnie House

You don’t need to write a three volume novel to tell your story, as Alison and Michael’s tale shows.

 They first met when Alison took a notion to play badminton at a club where Michael was already a member.  After a few dates in the bars and restaurants of Edinburgh,  they were soon seeing each other so regularly that Alison allowed her attendance at badminton to dwindle.  Despite their their differing views on back-seating driving and the importance of hot water bottles, their love grew and they started living together. 

I loved their promises which were almost – but not quite – identical. Alison promised that Michael would always be allowed to listen to Coldplay, and get to choose what films to watch: Michael promised to catch all of their spiders, and make Alison a hot water bottle every night!

I was delighted to read their card: it succinctly sums up all  I ever hope for, so thank you Michael and Alison, for allowing me to be a part of your perfect day!

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