Sarah and Rob’s Humanist Wedding at Marlin’s Wynd

I told Rob and Sarah they’d never use this photo…


As so often, I was wrong!
Sarah and Rob are both busies, as they call the police in Liverpool, and they first met at the scene of a pipe-bomb incident. That and some Facebook stalking led to a first date at Alton Towers that gave Rob a funny feeling in his woogy, which is a word I can’t find in my Scouse dictionary‚Ķ
They fell in love with each other and Edinburgh at more or less the same time, which was why they chose to come back here to the atmospheric 16th century Marlin’s Wynd to get married in a ceremony that ticked all the boxes for passion, comedy and drama. 
Creating it wasn’t easy, but I did tell them that when we met.



As I say to every couple I meet, the way I work isn’t for everyone, because it asks a lot from you. It’s only after your wedding that you realise why it’s the best way to create the perfect ceremony, as Sarah and Rob also told me in the lovely card they sent me.

The thought of writing our ceremony sounded great, until we really thought about it: then it became terrifying! Where to start, what to include, how it would come across, and also the work involved in doing it. We nearly both gave up on the idea. I cannot tell you enough how glad we are that we went ahead and did it. 

From the homework, we had a wonderful evening where I saw I side of Rob I very rarely see (but know is hidden somewhere). It was such a moving thing to discuss – our story, and why we love each other. We laughed and we cried, and I will never forget that evening.

The writing of the ceremony was a labour of love and we laughed a lot doing that too. We cannot thank you enough for giving us the ideas, and the confidence to write it. It made the ceremony a lot more enjoyable for our guests too, as we realised from the conversations we had with them throughout the day.

Rob’s uncle, who is a lifelong bachelor gave us the thumbs up, and said several times that if he were ever to get married, this is the kind of ceremony he would want: humorous and personal. We just wish we could do it all again now, it went so fast!

Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, you made our day!

Love, Sarah & Rob

It’s couples like Rob and Sarah who make my life so rewarding. Not everyone has the courage to look hard at their relationship, the honesty to talk about it, and the courage to share their innermost hopes and dreams with the most important people in their lives, but they did, for which I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

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