Outdoor Weddings – No Longer Hell On Heels

Yes, it’s wonderful to be in the great alfresco, but I’m sure many ladies get that sinking feeling when they get their invitation to your outdoor wedding.

It’s not a problem for the boys, but we tend to forget that it gives most ladies a choice of going barefoot, wearing wellies, or losing their Louboutins in the mud.  Luckily my darling wife has come up with a solution: they’re called ‘Starlettos”

As you can see, they slip easily onto the base of a heel. Susie assures me that they fit all sizes – slim, classic and chunky. They’ll stay on as you scamper across the lawn to catch the bouquet, and of course they’ll keep you upright even when the going gets soft.

You can find them at any branch of Timpson’s, the High Street Cobblers, and from the usual online vendors. They even have a page on Facebook. Please do let me know if you try them out, and if they work for you too!

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