How does the word homework make you feel?

I often wonder how people choose to share their homework with one another so it was lovely to get this message and photo from Amanda and Stuart.

While Wee Molly the Westie was away at my mum’s for the weekend, we decided to share some alone time with some lovely red wine and read each other’s homework with light music on in the background. 

After reading we were both amazed and how alike the stories were and how what I had wrote reflected what Stuart wrote. Once you see them you will understand. It brought back so many memories: we laughed so much while remembering all the great times we have shared until now and how much Stuart pinned my character to a t! As embarrassing as some of it was lol!

Our families are also writing some things up so will get them all sent to you soon 🙂

Thank you for the homework, we are now so excited for our ceremony and sharing the story of ‘us’ with you and our friends and family 🙂  x

Can’t wait to read it, Amanda, thank you so much! 

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