Sally and Iain’s Humanist Wedding at Prestonfield House

Not every couple really gets the way I work, but Sally and Iain did from the word go.
I remember getting this email from Sally when they’d done their homework.
I can’t wait to read through these ceremonies!  I’ve been reading your blog in every spare moment today and gathering up all the ideas I like.  Iain flies back from Ireland tonight so I’ve got everything written down to share with him when he comes in. 
At the beginning it felt really daunting to write our vows and our own ceremony, now I feel really excited that we get to say all the thing we want to say and believe in without any constraints or traditions that don’t reflect us. 


That of course was music to my ears, so I wasn’t at all surprised, just delighted when they created a really moving and intimate ceremony which took place in the dramatic setting of The Stuart Room at Prestonfield House. The fabulous flowers you can see at the edge of the shot were from the doyen of florists, Thomas Maxwell.
Iain and Sally sent me these great shots by Robbie at Duke Studios, along with this lovely card.
We wanted to say a really big thank you for doing such an amazing job as our celebrant. You made our ceremony so special, personal and intimate: it was truly perfect. All our guests commented that you were so good at presenting our story, and they were so impressed by what a humanist ceremony can be like. We are so glad we picked you, and we can’t thank you enough!
It was a beautiful evening wasn’t it, Sally? I’m still smiling and I hope you both are too.

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