Bita and Bryan’s Humanist Wedding at Solsgirth House

Who remembers foam parties? Everyone should. My sources tell me that the first one was in 1932, and featured Louis Armstrong dancing, singing, and of course playing his trumpet in the short film, “A Rhapsody In Black and Blue”. Fast forward 80 years to Bryan and Bita’s meet-cute at the legendary Revolution Nightclub where Brian said to Bita, “Oi, do you do Biology?” covered her in foam and then walked off. And they say romance is dead!

Many painful months of flirting and not so subtle attempts by friends to sit them together in lectures paid off. A working holiday in Canada introduced them to bears (scary) and poutine (scarier) and so began their four-year long-distance relationship. Their fun-filled story, and a beautiful Persian love poem by Hafiz led us to the big moment where Bita prepared to speak her vows to Bryan.

Bita’s dark, lustrous eyes were welling up… and in the distance, I could just make out the unmistakeable sound of a helicopter. Where was it going? I couldn’t be sure. But we were outside. A hundred guests were on the edge of their seats, and the videographer was zooming in for his big close-up, so I made an executive decision. “Cut!” I yelled.

It was the right call. About a minute later, the helicopter passed overhead. If we’d continued, nobody would have heard a word. As it was, much joy ensued. Here’s what Bita said in the lovely card she and Bryan sent me the other day.

Bryan and I would like to thank you for making our wedding such a special experience. For many of our guests it was the first Humanist wedding they had attended, and so many of them approached us afterwards to say how much they had enjoyed it, particularly as it was both personal and humorous at the same time. We could never have achieved this without your expert guidance and your very personable character. I would also like to thank you personally for helping me out when my emotions began to get the better of me,  at the beginning of my vows. Your quick thinking, and the helicopter passing overhead were most welcome! 

Thank you, Bryan and Bita – your wedding is one that I will definitely remember for a long, long time!

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