Jools and Iain’s surprise wedding at St Columba’s by the Castle

It was at the beginning of July that Jools and Iain got in touch about their surprise wedding this August.  That’s right – less than two months later!

They’ve been together for almost eleven years, having come up here (separately) from Brighton. Since then they’ve had two wonderful children and “built their fortress” as they describe their relationship. Sadly they have to leave town for prospects new, and they decided it would be a great idea to get married as part of their farewell party.

Their eventful story began in 1997 when they both knew the same pod of divers for three years – but never met. I loved the way they made their children Tommy and Indy the centre of their tale, and even included a reading especially for them from Julie Myerson’s much loved column, Living with Teenagers 

The next especially lovely moment was when they passed their wedding rings around the huge gathering of their friends and kids. As they wrote, Their rings have been worn
already through two whole lifetimes by two family members, Iain’s father, and
Jools’s grandmother. Iain’s ring was first exchanged on June 21st
1969 and Jools’s ring on Christmas Day 1936. This makes their rings extra
special but today they’d also like to make those rings become their own.”


Emma and Michelle gave us two very original readings: of song lyrics rather than poetry or prose. The first was from Nick Drake, but the second was was written in 1988. Iain
said “if you don’t know who it’s by, you’re living in the wrong city and should
probably leave the hall”, and the opening lines were these…

My heart was broken.
My heart was broken. 


Sorrow and Sorrow. Sorrow and Sorrow.


Yes, of course it was the wonderful ‘Sunshine on Leith’ by The Proclaimers! 

I was very surprised to get these great photos from Jools so soon after the event. She very kindly said, “We just wanted to say again thanks so much for your part in our surprise wedding a few weekends ago at St Columba’s by the Castle.  It was just a fabulous day and it ended up being everything we hoped it might be. I was especially grateful that all my nerves fell away when I saw you arrive… we felt safe in your hands 🙂 A million thanks again, Jools and Iain (Mrs & Mr)

It was a real pleasure Jools – handcrafted, meaningful, original, heartfelt. Perfect x

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