Joanne and Mido’s engagement in Princes Street Gardens

Lots of couples ‘reverse into’ marriage these days. They live together, have kids and then five or ten years later decide to make it legal: it’s almost the new normal, and it made me wonder how many reverse into their engagements too? 

I’m looking forward to conducting the wedding of Joanne and Mido next April, so I was pleased to get an email just the other day keeping me up to speed with their busy lives. Joanne’s started a new job; they’ve moved house, and they’re off to Australia for her sister’s wedding at the end of next month, so it’s non stop! Joanne said, “As you know, when we came to see you in January, we’d already started to plan the wedding before Mido had actually officially proposed, because we needed to wait and get the ring”


“Mido officially proposed to me in Princes Street Gardens in April, so I’ve attached a few wee pics for you that I thought you’d like to see. 
He got a bagpiper to play as he took his shirt off  for me, got down on one knee to reveal a t-shirt that said ‘Joanne will you marry me?’
How cute is that? And how happy they look!

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