Fran and Bobby’s Humanist Wedding on Calton Hill

Flaming June days are rare in Edinburgh, but Fran and Bobby are a lucky couple. That’s not me in the pic btw: Bobby and I just go to the same hairdresser. 

Their ceremony was simple, direct, and full of fun. When they met, Fran was living in her girly palace with her daughter while Bobby lived in his football mad house with his four boys, so joining their  families was a challenge. Fran had to adapt to a life of football, mopeds and Xbox, while Bobby had to make allowances for Fran’s shoes, Sarah’s Brat dolls and their love of all things Disney.

Fran said, “I love Bobby for all the little things he does, like getting me the matching knife and fork that I like for my dinner, helping me finish my food when I’m full, eating the mushrooms off my cooked breakfasts and buying me Lucozade for my hangovers”. Bobby said, “Fran is my soul mate. It took what seemed like an eternity to find her,  and I now want to spend eternity with her”.

Fran’s sister Mairi read to us from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin…

Best Man Davey and Bridesmaid Sarah did a hand fasting…

And everyone joined in speaking a blessing to the happy couple

I can’t remember the last time I saw Calton Hill looking this good. Their marquee was really cool,

and just the other day, Fran sent me this lovely note, saying, I can’t help smile when I think back to the day. It was such a beautiful experience for Bobby and me, and the icing on the cake was seeing how happy all our friends and family were too.

Everyone complimented us on the ceremony, how personal and heart warming the contents were and how wonderful you were in making everyone feel part of it. Thanks again Tim for making our day just that, ours in every way”.

The pleasure was entirely mine, Mr & Mrs Richardson. Thank you for choosing me to help create your perfect day!

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