Claire & Gareth’s Humanist Wedding at The Thomas Morton Hall in Leith


People find all sorts of ways to fall in love, but Gareth and Claire were the first couple I’ve married who got together while running. Along with Gareth’s dad and other friends from Inverness, they were part of the infamous “Tuesday Night Running Club” where Claire got her nickname ‘Coach McGeary’.

Their wedding was a total hoot, in so many ways. Like the story of the proposal which almost took place in a Gay Bar in Copenhagen (for details, apply to couple), but eventually took place in the funfair in Tivoli Gardens.


Now Gareth doesn’t like funfairs, so after going on all the rides, he felt really queasy, but he  grabbed Claire’s hand, pulled out the ring, and said “How would you like to join me on the ride of your life?”Yes, Gareth admits it was very cheesy. 


Claire’s expression was one of complete and utter confusion, but it was followed by the line that every young gentleman hopes to hear at least once in his life: “Are you shitting me?”


The other particularly memorable moment was when I had to get everyone to join in and sing the Proclaimers best known song, “I Wanna Be (500 Miles)” which was great except there was no backing track: apart from me…
We had a lot of fun! 
Claire sent me these wonderful photos – taken by talented Northern Irish photographer Jayne Lindsay – and a note about how much she and Gareth had enjoyed the whole  process. “It was lovely thinking back to how we met,  the proposal etc. Having now lived it and watched it back, it was just so personal. It was all about us, our story, and it means so much to us. Thanks again for everything and your singing 500 miles – it saved the day!”
Not at all – thank you, Coach McGeary!

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