Fiona and Tom’s Humanist wedding at Kirknewton Stables

My thanks to Offbeat Bridephotographer Ingrid Murs and of course to Fiona & Tom for making this post very easy…

Tom and Fiona chose to marry at Kirknewton Stables, a popular venue for people who like to do things their own way: and they really did, in every sense. The bridesmaids helped make all the pom-poms, and family and friends made yummy desserts.

Like most people, their ceremony wasn’t high up on the list of priorities – until they met me!

As they wrote, “it was such a lovely thing to focus on during the planning of the whole day”.

And I thought what they did with their rings was really clever too: “they have our fingerprints on the inside of them, his print on mine, mine on his. No one else can see them, but we know they are there.”

I hadn’t come across Offbeat Bride before, but I really like what they say about why they do what they do. You might like it too. You can read it if you click on the photo below, or see it properly here


Fiona sent me these links, saying, “Thanks again for being a fantastic celebrant and a great help to our day.” All I can say is, no. Thank you and Tom for creating such an inspiring ceremony! 

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