Le mariage humaniste d’Amandine et Douglas de l’Institut Français d’Edimbourg


I always get a bit nervous before a Franco-Scottish wedding. While the Dutch are always delighted if you can get your lips around s-Hertogenbosch, and the Poles are pleased if anyone can pronounce Przepraszam, the French can have an un-nerving way of looking at non-native speakers that suggests they’re not even sure that the language you’re trying to speak is their own. Thankfully, Amandine and Douglas put my mind at rest.


As they wrote, “The dust is finally settling after our wedding-day and we wanted to let you know how thoroughly pleased we were with our ceremony. It really was a magical moment for us and everything we hoped for.
“As you know, the bilingual aspect was really important to us so a special thank you for seeing that through. Everybody, anglophones and francophones alike, was very impressed by you and went out of their way to comment on how well you ran the ceremony and handled the two languages. 
“People were also very taken with the Humanist approach and found the ceremony dignified, understated and very much an expression of us, something most of them are not used to at weddings (if I’m not mistaken, only one couple there had a Humanist ceremony themselves). 
“Now that we’re no longer organising the wedding, we plan to start attending HSS talks from time to time. Doubtless our paths will cross again soon! Very best regards from us both, Douglas and Amandine.”
I certainly hope so, Amandine and Douglas. Thanks to Ryan White Wedding Photography for these great photos, and enjoy your honeymoon!

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