Fiona & Phil’s Humanist Wedding at Prestonfield House

Rules are there to be broken.
Most ceremonies last half an hour: Fiona and Phil’s took ten minutes.
Most brides arrive with their dads.
Phil and Fiona spent a happy half hour with all their guests before the ceremony.
Most guests get to sit down: at Fiona and Phil’s, there was standing room only.
Most couples take a good five minutes to tell their story: Fiona and Phil told theirs in a single sentence.
Most couples write their vows together: Fiona and Phil kept theirs a secret till the day.
Fiona wrote hers as a poem, which she spoke from memory. 
It’s called 14 excerpts
My sleeves have come unstitched
You led me headlong to the place where I belong
I wondered, I guessed, I tried; you just knew 
I’ve found a place I’ll never leave
If I split like light refracted, I’m only off to wander across a moonlit mile
It’s silly wrong but vivid right
Did I say that I smiled when I first heard your name?
When I’m down you breathe life over me
You breathe the will in to the weak, you coax the caged bird to fly free
I’ll take your part when darkness comes
I’d take a fall and you know that I’d do anything I will for you
However far away I will always love you; however long I stay, I will always love you
You’re all I’m made of
You’re the measure of my dreams.

Most couples proceed to sign the marriage schedule straight after the vows.
Phil and Fiona decided to take Yalla, the wheezing dog for a walk first.

We did get them back eventually…
And as Fiona said, “We had SUCH an amazing day!”
What rules do you want to break when you get married?

Thanks to Natasha Slater-Bowen for the snaps

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