Emma & Barry’s Humanist Wedding at Springfield Mill Nature Reserve

Emma and Barry first met at the very romantic setting of a service station at Kinross, en route to T in the Park, so an outdoor wedding was an obvious choice for them. Springfield Mill was somewhere they’d both spent time during their childhoods, camping and as they said in the ceremony, ‘generally doing things our parents would have disapproved of,’ and when I turned up on a lovely Saturday evening in late summer, I couldn’t actually find Barry because he was off hiding in the bushes. But more of that later…

Like many couples, Barry and Emma created their family first and got married later, so their beautiful daughters Morgan and Amy were their flower girls, along with their niece Dionne.

Unlike T in the Park, their wedding wasn’t a mudfest, but it was very Indie, totally cool and something they and their friends will remember for years to come. Emma sent me these photos along with a lovely note to say, “Big HUGE, thank you for last Saturday. It was such an amazing day surrounded by friends and family, amazing weather and in a beautiful location. 

Everyone loved the ceremony, how relaxed and personal it was. Many people came up to us that had never been to a humanist wedding before not knowing what to expect and were blown away! “Best wedding we have ever been to,” was said by many people which was great! 

Writing the ceremony ourselves completed our relaxed at times very funny wedding which was very much done our own way….or my way as Barry may argue!

Barry is sorry that when you first came to the mill he was ‘taking care of some business’ but as he says needs must and we have had a few laugh about it since last week. We are so pleased that you were part of our very special day even though everyone is in agreement that Amy stole the show by ‘shooing’ the bird away from my mum’s hat. All the best and again a huge thank you from us both, Emma and Barry Hill.

P.S Someone has caught Amy shooing the bird on film which we will keep for future blackmail when she becomes a grumpy teenager!

P.P.S Sent you lots of photos as they are all amazing and I may have to build new walls in the house to display them all!

P.P.P.P.S. The photographer was Greg MacVean who’s a friend of Emma’s MOH, Sara, pronounced Sarah! He’s a professional photographer but he doesn’t do weddings except for people he knows so he doesn’t have a website to link to but he did a great job and he definitely deserves a mention, so thanks to him, and to you,  Emma and Barry – send me some more shots, especially of Amy doing her shooing xxx
  1. David Trotter left a comment on September 17, 2013 at 8:16 am

    As father of the bride I am sure
    I speak for everyone saying we had a fantastic relaxed day at most peoples first Humanist Wedding.

    The ceremony was funny,relaxed and so in tune with the whole day.

    The wedding ceremony was the talk of the reception later and I would recommend you to anyone wanting to go down that route.

    Anyway being able to toast Barry and Emma after they tied the knot with my favourite bottle of beer
    out in such beautiful countryside was unique and will stay with me for ever

    David Trotter [Very proud father]

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