Julie and Angus’s Humanist Wedding at Balbirnie House

I got a lovely card this morning, from Jules and Gus. It was elegant, artistic and moving, just like their ceremony, back in May of this year.

I can think of nothing more appropriate than to share what their friend Frankie said, when she told the story of their relationship, At first I thought that Jules and Gus’ relationship was the definition of opposites attract; a longhaired Mathematician, resembling a Gallagher brother, (Jules’ words not mine), and a soft-spoken sophisticated Arts student with golden tresses. 

But having taken the time to think more about them both, I started to see many similarities and I realised that I had, however, always imagined that Jules would be whisked off her feet, not only by broken heels, but by a funny, intelligent and caring person who was as grounded and kind as she is; as fun-loving and loyal”. 

“I feel really lucky to have two such amazing friends as Jules and Gus and to be sharing this day with them – I’m so happy for them. In each other, they have found a best friend, someone who makes their world even more colourful, and a true partner to support them through anything – we can all see for ourselves that they are meant to be together.

We wish them so many blessings for all the fun moments and milestones that they have yet to spend together, including the blessing of a happy home and family of little Scorgies.  
Hear hear, I say! Thank you so much, Gus and Jules xxx

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